“Green” Jobs and Ivanpah Valley

Shaun over at Mojave Desert Blog has two new posts up here and here. The first post shows recent photos released from the Basin and Range Watch site of the destruction to 5 square miles of Ivanpah valley due to Brightsource Energy’s Ivanpah Solar Energy Generating System. The other post challenges the notion that these sort of projects are creating sustainable “green” jobs for the California labor market. They are definitely worth reading.

"The destruction in this aerial photo represents only about a third of the total project. Photo from Basin and Range Watch."

These photos remind me of a post here that discusses a recent bill moving through Iowa to criminalize the secret recording of factory farm practices[1]. If the “Animal Facility Interference” bill passes through the Senate it will be a serious blow to animal rights whistleblowers who attempt to expose the unsanitary and atrocious conditions of factory farms. Is it too paranoid to think that such legislative tactics may one day be used against environmental whistleblowers?

[update: the Basin and Range Watch site has uploaded new aerial photos of the Ivanpah development site here.]


[1] Under the bill, any person who produces, possesses or distributes any audio or visual recording of an animal facility without consent of the owner is guilty of either a class D felony or aggravated misdemeanor.

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My name is James Goebel and I am a graduate student in the Comparative Literature department at UC Irvine. My interests lie mainly in animal and environmental studies, Indigenous histories and European philosophy (though I am known to wander elsewhere).
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